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Christmas is often a difficult time for the young people we work with. For the growing number of young people facing homelessness this winter, it will be no different.

If you’re looking for a gift that fights over-consumption and gives back this Christmas, then look no further. Our gift guide is filled with gift ideas that will leave you with that warm festive feeling!

Winter Pyjamas – £5

This Christmas, you could give the gift of winter pyjamas to a young person and show them that someone cares about them this December.

Christmas Dinner – £10

Our Network works hard to make sure young people are able to join together and share a festive meal. The gift could help make that happen!

Essential Winter Bedding – £17

As the temperature drops, it is even more important to have warm bedding to curl up in at night.

Kettle & Tea Bundle – £20

A cup of tea makes everything better!

Winter Fuel Top-Up – £30

This gift could cover the cost of topping up a young person’s energy meter this winter, enabling young people to stay housed and keep warm.

Winter Baby Essentials – £50

This gift could provide a new parent with the essentials they need for their baby this winter.

All of our gifts can be given in someone else’s name. We will send you an e-card that you can forward on.

Thank you for shopping with EveryYouth this festive season. All of your support makes a huge difference to young lives. Thank you!

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