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Last year, 3.9 million children lived in poverty and 136,000 young people faced homelessness. Young people find themselves in this position through no fault of their own and lack the holistic support and opportunities they need to escape it. 

We work to provide this support and unlock these opportunities at scale by:

  1. Funding Outcomes.

We fund measurable outcomes so that our supporters can gauge their impact easily.  We know exactly how much it costs to get a young person in to work or into their own home and can target your support precisely towards that objective.

  1. Creating Opportunities.

We connect regional charities to learn from each other but also to business, community groups, academics and others to create opportunities for young people.

  1. Building knowledge

We scale ideas that have been tried and tested regionally and we are committed to continuous learning.  Our approach allows us compare different ways of working and we are committed to collating and publishing that learning.

what we do

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