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As a certified B Corp, Simba is committed to improving people’s quality of life. Simba has been working with EveryYouth since 2022 to promote access, opportunities and support for the most disadvantaged young people. With the right guidance, young people can overcome the trauma of homelessness and succeed on their own terms. 

Over one million young people live in poverty in the UK and the problem is growing. Last year 135,000 young people faced homelessness, very often through no fault of their own. Young people often lack the network and opportunities they need to escape the dangerous cycle of homelessness. 

EveryYouth’s Project Officer, Joanna di Stefano said:  “This year, the EveryYouth Network found that many young people were moving on from emergency accommodation into homes with no furniture, white goods or flooring.

Young people are often only able to save for their housing deposit and do not have the funds to cover anything else. Grants to help cover these costs are in high demand. As a result, many young people are left with no furniture at all.

That’s why it is impossible to overstate how grateful young people are to be receiving a mattress and a pillow from Simba! These donations have alleviated some of the difficulties young people face when trying to leave homelessness behind and have allowed them to go to work or college the next day after a good night’s rest.”

EveryYouth’s Housing Fund has supported 3,777 young people facing homelessness, and helped 1,378 people to move into their own home to date.

Simba has helped to improve the lives of young people by donating 549 mattresses and 543 pillows to individuals moving on from emergency accommodation into their own homes. In total, Simba has donated over £200,000 of mattresses and pillows to people in need throughout the UK.

Simba CEO Steve Reid says, “Simba’s aim has always been to engineer the perfect night’s sleep, for everyone. So we’re delighted that what began as a reinvention of the mattress has grown into a ground-breaking range of sleep products, and an ongoing commitment to democratising access to great sleep, especially for the underprivileged in our communities.

Health, happiness and security start with having a place to call home and a proper place to rest, and we are proud to support EveryYouth, and to give young people the tools they need to build a bright future.”

To find out more about EveryYouth’s Housing Fund click here. To explore Simba’s sustainability practices click here.

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