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The Future Builders Programme Expands

EveryYouth’s Future Builders Project has made a remarkable stride in its mission to support vulnerable young individuals facing homelessness. By expanding its reach, the initiative now offers 10 additional affordable bed spaces, significantly enhancing its impact.

This latest expansion includes the creation of 4 one-bedroom flats in Perth, Scotland, and the conversion of 2 three-bedroom houses in Norwich into affordable homes. These efforts are made possible through close collaboration between our local youth homelessness charities The Rock Trust and The Benjamin Foundation, and their respective local councils.

Future Builders is more than just a housing initiative; it’s a lifeline for young people engaged in education, employment, or training. By providing affordable accommodation, the program helps these individuals take their crucial first steps towards a promising career and stable future.

Local Support and Community Collaboration

The strength of the Future Builders programme lies in its robust partnerships between our youth homelessness charities and local authorities, housing associations, or private landlords. These collaborations are pivotal in identifying and renovating empty homes, transforming them into high-quality, affordable living spaces for young people.

EveryYouth funds these renovations with the help of generous professional services, ensuring that each home meets the highest standards.

In the midst of a housing crisis, securing independent housing has become increasingly challenging, particularly for young individuals. Employment-related benefit entitlement rules often leave them financially disadvantaged, creating significant barriers to entering the workforce.

Since its inception in 2016, Future Builders has successfully provided housing for 226 young people, setting them on the path to career success.

Celebrating New Beginnings

To mark the completion of the new properties, EveryYouth and the Rock Trust, in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council, The John Laing Charitable Trust, and The Gannochy Trust, hosted an open day at one of the newly renovated homes.

Faye Edmondson, Head of Fundraising and Communications at EveryYouth, shared her heartfelt gratitude: “It is wonderful to visit a brand-new Future Builders property and see the new home created thanks to our backers. The flat has been renovated to an incredibly high standard, and it’s easy to imagine the impact that moving into this property could have for a young person about to take their first step into the world of work.”

Commitment to Future Growth

Buoyed by the support from The John Laing Charitable Trust and the B&Q Foundation, EveryYouth is poised to continue its expansion. The organisation plans to work with its Network of Delivery Partners to identify another 3 bedspaces for renovation this year. This commitment to growth underscores EveryYouth’s dedication to developing this essential programme, ensuring that even more young people can benefit from its support.

A Resident’s Journey: Liam’s Story

Liam, one of the newest residents of Future Builders, played a crucial role in preparing the properties for the open day. Having transitioned from residential care to his first tenancy, Liam is currently studying engineering in college while seeking part-time work.

Reflecting on his journey, he shared: “My proudest moment has been moving into my own house and being able to reflect on how far I have come.”

Liam’s story is a testament to the profound impact of the Future Builders Project. By providing affordable living spaces and fostering a supportive community, EveryYouth is empowering young people like Liam to build brighter futures.

EveryYouth’s Future Builders Project is not just about housing; it’s about hope. As the programme continues to grow, it represents a vote of confidence in the futures of vulnerable young people.

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