YMCA Leicestershire joins EveryYouth!

EveryYouth is delighted to announce that YMCA Leicestershire is joining the EveryYouth Network.  

YMCA Leicestershire works alongside some of the most vulnerable young people in Leicestershire to help them grow.  

YMCA Leicestershire are the 12th youth homelessness charity to join the EveryYouth network, expanding our reach into the region. This partnership is a crucial step towards our mission to reach every community across the UK, ensuring that vulnerable young people receive the support they need.  

group of young people in a street

Initially, we will focus on securing exciting job opportunities for young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness (read more about Project Flourish here). This collaboration will enable YMCA Leicestershire to provide young people with bespoke work opportunities and financial resources they need to live independently. 

In the future, we plan to offer accommodation support and mental health services through our other funds. Together, we are committed to addressing the root causes of youth homelessness and helping young people look to the future.  

EveryYouth is committed to providing a holistic approach to support. With consistent and patient support; alongside access to funding, young people can overcome often difficult childhoods and thrive. 

group of young people sitting on a staircase

Nick Connolly, CEO at EveryYouth said: “Partnering with YMCA Leicestershire is a significant milestone for EveryYouth. As we expand our Network, we will be able to reach more young people in need, provide more comprehensive services, and create stronger, more resilient communities. By working together, we can ensure that every young person has the opportunity to build a better, brighter future, regardless of their childhoods.” 

Paul Brown, CEO of YMCA Leicestershire said: “We look forward to the positive impact our collaboration will bring to the Leicestershire community and the new opportunities it will create for young people in the area. We are proud to be joining the EveryYouth Network as we share the same values in that we are both committed to creating opportunities for vulnerable young people to thrive.” 

The addition of YMCA Leicestershire to the EveryYouth Network means that EveryYouth has expanded the reach of youth homelessness into another part of the UK. To find out more about the EveryYouth Network visit this page.

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